Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Random updates

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Thank you, thank you all, for the wonderful well-wishes! The Sweetie reads all of the comments too, and we feel so well-loved by you all bloggers and blog readers!

My dad came to visit this week, and I took him to Santa Barbara yesterday. We saw a rat on top of a cat on top of a dog. Sorry, no photo - I was too cheap to give a tip to the guy who had them. But it was a pretty impressive sight.

We also went to Mission Santa Barbara and I didn't take a picture (bad blogger!) of a wool carder they had that looked like it was made of spiky pods of some plant. That would be a lot of work!

The Bears won on Saturday! Go Bears! Much as we do not prefer their banana-yellow jerseys, they seem to be undefeated while wearing them.

That's all the news for now!


Macoco said...

Wow - I wish you had a picture of the rat/cat/dog. That sounds so weird.

KarenJoSeattle said...

The carder probably contained teasels - a ver interesting plant.