Sunday, June 29, 2008

KIP - June 14, 2008

A bit delayed due to intermittent Internet access! International Knit In Public Day came, and we had no morning plans, so we joined the local knit guild at their informal knit-out. Here I am with the boy in my Moby wrap, knitting on a second spiral sock for him. Hopefully I'll finish before he outgrows it!

Motherhood has been a wonderful experience. The challenges mainly have to do with not getting frustrated about how little gets "done", especially when tired (and often hungry).

Another photo (a rare photo of my face for the blog, albeit masked by sunglasses and hat):

KIP - June 14, 2008

And the view from where I was sitting, just to prove I knit also:

KIP - June 14, 2008


Kathy said...

Oh. Love that you can see your baby's wonderous hand juxtaposed with the needles. Lovely . Motherh ood is very very busy, routine and tiring. I understand.

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Love your hat ... and that little fist in the picture!