Wednesday, November 4, 2009

FO: Dishcloth for Kathy

Dishrag for Kathy
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A while ago, KathyB over at Irisheyes knitting gave up dishcloth knitting and wanted to give her dishcloth cotton stash away. She had a lot of offers to knit a dishcloth for her, but no one else said they'd take her stash. It's mine!

In return, I knit Kathy a dishcloth. I chose my very favorite dishcloth pattern, and I selected from her ample supply of cotton a colorway that included brown, blue, and white. Brown for the dirt it cleans away, blue for the water, and white for the clean!

Pattern: Garterlac dishcloth (pdf) by Criminy Jickets
Needle: Size 7 KnitPicks Options
Yarn: Sugar 'n' Creme

Love it! I sent it along with the NICU blanket. Stay tuned....

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trek said...

Garterlacs are really good for scrubbing, btw.