Thursday, December 3, 2009

Random Wednesday (on Thursday)

My camera card is full, but I've been going to bed early every night this week fighting off a sore throat and cough. Hence, a random Wednesday (a day late) and a random photo. This is TLD doing what he loves best, dumping water out of a container. I think he's about to ask for more water.


  • Alana of Never Not Knitting is celebrating her 2nd blogiversary with a contest. Head over and congratulate her! For an entry into her big big prize, take a photo of yourself with a sign "I'm Never Not Knitting at ___" and send it to her.

  • This one's not on Ravelry (yet): Roller Skating Penguins knitting pattern. Adorable!

  • I saw this dress and I want to have it. I've also been actually planning to make a Polar Chullo and something by Alice or Jade Starmore, a child's vest or pullover in real Fair Isle. Might be 2010 is the year of colorwork.

  • I also want to make one of these. Probably won't happen this year, but someday I'll have time.

  • I've done the easy Christmas decorating. I swapped out the hanging on the back of the closet door from "birdhouse" to "Christmas tree" (we keep it hanging on the inside of the door during the rest of the year), got out red napkins (we don't do tablecloths right now because of TLD), and swapped out the everyday mugs for the Christmas mugs (these too, live in a high cabinet in the kitchen, so they're nearby). I'm ready for mulled wine!

  • Still reading? A short whine: how come it takes 2+ full knitting/pumping sessions to do finishing on a Christmas stocking? I got to Kitchener the toe and weave in 10 ends yesterday. 5 ends to go, plus duplicate stitch 2 hearts and Niecey's name (have to chart it first too).

  • Edited to add: I cooked this last night. It was really good and it used up food that was going to waste. Chicken thighs (unfortunately not on the bone, but it was still good) from the freezer (who knows how long), swiss chard that was wilty (but still good in soup), and we had it with a baguette that was hard but I toasted it in the oven and it was great, especially when dunked in soup. TLD loved it (well, he skipped the chard). The only thing was I couldn't find red lentils so I used brown, and I should have put them in sooner, because I think the brown take longer to cook. This morning at the store I found red lentils! I'll try them next time 'round.

Enough randomness for today. See you soon, hopefully with more pictures!

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trek said...

I hope you refilled his bottle from the outside spigot! Not like he was drinking any :o)