Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Long overdue blog entry

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I've been busy. I know you knitters with children know what I mean.

I've even knit, but haven't blogged.

But here I am. I figure if I can take a camera phone photo, at least it can make it to the blog less than 2 months later.

I did Revenge of Dish Rag Tag again this year, and it was fun! Here is what I received from my tagger. I remember taking a photo of what I sent out, but must have not saved it in my phone, because it's just not there. It's a dishcloth along with a solar powered blinky key ring and another ball of dishcloth cotton.

Hopefully I can get some more phone photo pictures to get some more of my projects up here on the blog!

BTW, as it is now November, I'm starting to think about advent calendars. While I really love some of those handmade ones, I don't have the crafty time to do it (along with knitting some small Christmas presents in the 20 minutes here and there). BUT - this I think I can handle:
Bubble Wrap Advent Calendar. My TLD loves bubble wrap! I even bought some Christmasy stickers at OfficeMax to put on the bubbles. Now to tell him to only pop one a day....this morning he was jumping up and down on a sheet.

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Amanda said...

I love getting packages like that in the mail! Good luck with the bubble wrap advent calendar. It's kind of addicting when you start popping them :)