Monday, December 3, 2007

Random Monday

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More elephant seals to accompany the randomness. These are adolescents, playing at fighting and resting, between sessions of teaching themselves to swim.

I've started an Oz Vest from Natural Knits for Babies and Moms as a replacement for the Trellis that just didn't work out, and I've already frogged it. The largest size was way too wide - almost fit around me! So I've decided I need to start small. Make a pair of booties or socks, a hat, maybe a pair of baby mittens. Call it a gift. Or call any one of them a gift.

The Bears lost the Big Game this past weekend. Pfft. And yet, they are still going to a Bowl game - the Armed Forces Bowl in Fort Worth. I might not even watch it. It's time to call it a season, and look forward to a new team next year. But still, go bears.

In pregnancy news, I'm feeling good again, and not always eating like a monster. Just snacking lightly between meals. This second trimester thing, it's good.

Last night we watched an old episode of The Simpsons - the one where Marge gets into a Thelma & Louise sort of situation. Once again, there was a knitter portrayed with ends-up needles.

Happy December!

Might be enough randomness for today.


KnitTech said...

I haven't been paying attention to football at all this year. I'll watch the superbowl (mostly) for the action and commericals.

Thanks for the comic, one of the programers has it hanging up at his desk. (I loved Little Johnny Tables.)

knitseashore said...

Glad you are feeling well. I hope you find the project you want to knit soon. It's tough sometimes to find just the right one you are in the mood for, that works out gauge-wise.