Friday, May 23, 2008

Ridiculously Tiny Foot

Originally uploaded by knitswithasilentk
I managed to get my ridiculously tiny sock onto his foot. It was a tight fit, but it went on. It's tight enough that I'm opting NOT to make another one the same; this one can continue its life as a Christmas ornament or something. But I might make a pair with the same yarn on slightly bigger needles.

It's amazing how small his feet really are!


Ali said...

At least you got a photo, before the sock becomes a christmas ornament!

Emily said...

I was thinking of turning the socks I made for Ellie into Christmas ornaments for grandparents! You've just validated me. :D I hope things are going wonderfully well!

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Good idea! Did you try my socks on? If they are also tight, they'll make cute ornaments for the grandparents. Even if they do fit, they won't by Christmas, LOL.

Kathy said...

Oh sooo sooo cute. Great little barefoot too! Are you enjoying that newborn/baby life? They are so sweet.