Wednesday, January 28, 2009

FO: TLD's Christmas Stocking

I've decided to give my baby the blog name "The Little Dude" or TLD. We sort of started to call him that at home, and it stuck.

One of my goals a year ago (indeed, I think I made the order on January 8 or so last year) was to knit this guy a Christmas stocking. I loved the kits on Annie's Woolens and so I ordered the kit.

Pattern: Bear Stocking, personalized version with short row heel and toe.
Yarn: whatever they sent in the kit, very rustic with lots of VM
Needles: Susan Bates Silvalume circulars, 16" sizes 6 and 8, I think. These were the needles I used for my first ever knitting project.

I personalized it with his name duplicate stitched on that white band (this photo is of the back), and lined it with knit fabric to prevent any loot from catching on the knitting. This was my first foray into combination knitting, and I loved it! Especially the charted part - I couldn't stop myself! The other 2-color parts were easy to memorize. At 54 stitches per round, it's less work than a real sock, and you don't have to make a second!

There was only one issue I had with the short row heel, where I couldn't get the stitch count to work out. I ended up crossing off one line of instructions and then it seemed to fall into place. Not sure if it really was an error, or whether I was just off somehow.

Here's the inside:

Inside of stocking

And a detail of the back of the bear (heart is duplicate stitched):

Back of bear

A fitting last FO of 2008!

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