Tuesday, April 28, 2009

FO: Easter Egg "Circles" dishcloth

I saw this dishcloth somewhere on the Internet, where someone had made one in a variegated yarn, and said something to the effect of "Tee hee! The circles look like Easter Eggs!" and I instantly had the urge to make one for Easter.

I cast on earlier that week, and The Sweetie said I was crazy for trying to finish it by Easter. But lo and behold, TLD took a long nap in the car and I ended up finishing this and knitting most of a second Easter dishcloth (forthcoming blog post).

Pattern: Circle Cloth
Yarn: Lion Cotton for the variegated, Sugar 'n' Creme for the solid green.
Needles: Size 7, KnitPicks Options

It's pretty heavily textured with the reverse-stockinette framing stockinette. We'll see if it's a good scrubber or unwieldly thick. But it is happy and Eastery.

Modeled shot:


Unfringed said...

That is cute!

trek said...

I love it. And it really does look like Easter eggs.

Kathy said...

Very impressive dish cloth! YOUR new dishcloth yarns will be in the mail to you tomorrow, Thursday. THANKS FOR TAKING THEM! I only want one in return any time before Christmas is fine! Thank you !!!!! I think I have your snail mail from a contest . If not i'll contact you again.

hakucho said...

That's one pretty circle cloth and I have to agree it does look just like Easter eggs :)

happy knitting :)