Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cool knitting retreat!

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Okay, I just joined Facebook, and as it turns out, one of the ads struck my fancy. It's for a knitting retreat in Santa Barbara with Joan McGowan-Michael. It would be so cool! It probably isn't realistic, given that my little guy still likes to nurse to sleep, and staying in a hotel isn't really that fun when you have to be nearby once he is in bed. But it does sound fun.

Anyway, just wanted to throw it out there. The fee includes transportation from San Diego or San Jose and lodging (double occupancy). Pretty good!

Here is the link.

The photo above is my little guy running toward the water of Angora Lake, in the Sierras. Later that day, he had his first official wading.


RobinH said...

Ah, great photo! You've got a nice eye for composition. And it really captures the little guy's enthusiasm for water! :)

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Love the picture!

I would love to go on a knitting retreat too. But of course, closer to home. Sigh. Can't go either. Double sigh.

KnitTech said...

The retreat sounds like fun, but I'm saving for next year's vacation.

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R... said...

That is such a fun pic! And the retreat sounds great. I could use a retreat about now!

jessie said...

It is not possibly that your baby is walking already. I have GOT to stay caught up on my blog reading!