Thursday, September 10, 2009

FO: Presto Chango

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I finished it just in time for my SIL's baby shower. It was still a little damp when I wrapped it in tissue and stuck it in the bag. The party was a great success!

Pattern: Presto Chango, a sweater pattern with the idea that you can knit multiple front panels and change them out as they get soiled.
Needles: Knit Picks Options, size 5. Size 3 for seed stitch cast-on.
Yarn: Mystery cotton from KathyB.
Buttons: wooden, from Fabrics Unlimited in Stateline, NV. Gorgeous shop!

I started out assuming that the gauge would be smaller than 4 sts/inch. So I cast on for the biggest size. However, I realized after getting into the stockinette portion that I was in fact getting gauge, so for the rest of the pattern, I followed the 6 month size.

For the seaming, in the underarm I did that seaming technique where you make it look like another row of knitting. For the side seams I used mattress stitch.

My opinion, now that I've had a baby, is that babies don't (need to) wear clothes (that is, anything but onesies and footie pajamas) until at least 6 months, so there is no point in knitting sweaters for them smaller than that, except by accident.

After blocking, it grew enormous (the panel still needed severe blocking to fit, but that's the fault of the cast-on for the biggest size), so I told the mom-to-be to throw it in the washer and dryer. Hope the buttons survive!

If I am moved (and have time), I will make another panel, although I don't have enough yellow to do the whole panel. Maybe I'll make it yellow and blue stripes. Maybe I can make it for Christmas!

Next up: finishing the birth hat. I ran out of time and my hand hurt. Several days of non-knitting and now I'm back to it.


Jimmy said...

That looks terrific! And i love your idea of making a christmas panel... so cute. (and i completely agree about babies not needing to wear anything other than onesies and footed pjs... what a great observation!)

Thanks for using our pattern - and making it look so perfect :)

-Jimmy, Jimmy Beans Wool

RobinH said...

That gauge- always a joker! The sweater came out very cute.

Kadiddly said...

There needs to be a CUTE button to click!

Kathy said...

Wonderful sweater I had no idea the front panels were form meeting function. Now i get it. Um, here in Chicago babies need sweaters about 10 months out of the year.......

Kathy said...

I had no idea it was from that yarn! OH how happy I feel that you made this baby gift with it! Hooray!

I have to show it to AL!

R... said...

I have to agree on the only onesies prior to 6 months business. Another thing about knitting - if you make it too big, you can always shrink it - in my case, that often happens by accident with some of our favorite clothing that isn't meant to go through the washer or dryer. Of course, results may vary. :-)