Monday, October 5, 2009

PSA: Blankets for Preemies drive

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KathyB over at Irisheyes knitting is collecting blankets for the NICU (Neonatal intensive care unit) where she works. Make a blanket no bigger than a cookie sheet (c'mon people, that's like 2 dishcloths) and send it to her by Nov. 1, All Saints Day. Everyone who sends one will be entered in a drawing.

Yarn must be washable. Blanket must be no larger than a cookie sheet (can even be smaller).

[edited to add: I stand corrected. KathyB says a cookie sheet is 9x13. That's only a dishcloth and a half!]


Kathy said...

Thank YOU KIM! I appreciate it. Love you!

RobinH said...

Neat! And I was just given some baby yarn for which I have no plan! Thanks for reposting, Kim!

debraannd said...

Hi This is my first post...ever. I have started a tiny quilt...I have an email address I'll contact hen its done... to be sure I send it to the right place...Thanks, Debbie

Kim said...

@Debbie: Congrats on your first post! Thanks for contributing to the baby baby blanket drive!