Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Random Wednesday

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This is a photo from the spring, when our CSA was just beginning. I think we have one month left and we're winding down, as we began, with hard squashes. Remind me to take a photo of the latest on, a trombono or something. It looks like what it sounds like.

Last night we had squash and bacon risotto, so not unlike this, only it was topped with seared duck breast. Yum! It was precipitated by TLD's grabbing a small pumpkin-shaped squash from the farm, and trying to take a bite out of it. He managed to injure it, hence we decided to cook it ASAP.

Bring on the randomness:

  • Photo coasters from Shutterfly are a great holiday gift. I gave them to my in-laws and my mom last year for Christmas, and I plan to continue (with some for me this time). They look great, they're small, and you can pass them around and not mind if they get fingerprints on them. And they're great for little hands to play with.

  • I watched the movie Milk a few weeks ago. I'm still thrilling in the memory of watching it. The bonus features included some footage of them re-enacting the scenes in San Francisco, with emotional people who were there at the time. What a moving film, about persistently fighting for human rights. And Sean Penn is an incredible actor.

  • Last year, I made TLD's Christmas stocking. I cast on on October 21 and finished on Christmas Eve. This year, I am planning to make two stockings, for each of TLD's cousins. I cast on one of them on October 22. Let's hope I can knit twice as fast this year.

  • I did download photos off the camera last night. But didn't get a chance to upload them to Flickr, so no FO blog entries yet. Soon. I do need to upload photos so I can order coasters before the sale ends. See the first item.

  • I did manage to finish a tiny 8x11 "blanket" for Kathy B. She said smaller than 9x13 was okay. I might have misestimated and not made a swatch ahead. You still have time to send one and be entered into her contest! If you can get it in the mail by tomorrow, I bet it'll get there in time.

Happy Wednesday!

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Kathy said...

Thanks for the baby blanket plug!

I LOVED MILK. What a wonderful tribute to the man.