Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fell off

Fell off the wagon, that is. Well, I thought I might make it through the Stash Bust-along. But as I stated after finishing all of those chemo caps, this is the most dangerous time - a time of finishing things and looking forward to new things. (Although frustratingly enough, I haven't really finished my big project - the Pea Pod sweaters - nor started anything - Fetching, Forest Canopy, socks for me...)

What really started it was that my knitting friend gave me some Rowan Linen Drape and I started toying with it. I thought and thought, and I remembered a cute T-shirt in Erika Knight's Knitting for Two. [Before anyone gets excited, I'm not pregnant. But it is in my medium-term goal. Better start the cute sweaters now - God knows I'm still not done with last year's Green Gable.] This yarn is quite perfect for it, and I've been having fun thinking about ways to embellish parts of it - a lacey bottom instead of plain ribbing? Ribbing for the belly area?

And then I saw the Bump sweater in Natural Knits for Babies & Moms, and I thought, that looks like a better design. It's in worsted weight, it's boxier, the model is more pregnant. Moreover, the body is knit side to side - I've always wanted to knit a sweater side to side, with something like Noro, to take advantage of those slimming vertical stripes!

And then I started looking for yarns that would be good. I knew the Blue Sky Alpacas organic cotton was the recommended, but if only Noro had something worsted, in a cottony-silky multicolored yarn. And then I found it. Noro Lily. And darned if I didn't find a great price for 10 skeins of it on (warning: clicking on this link could be hazardous to your credit card.) Ebay. It was the only one of those colors, which I love. It could disappear at any moment. It only had one more day and its reserve was the same as its "Buy it now" price. Reasonable shipping. I thought about it for a day, and I bought.

Well, that's my sordid tale, although to be honest I've been buying patterns and (after re-reading the Bustalong rules), must admit that they were not explicitly for yarn already in the stash. They have been anticipating the end of the stash bustalong.

My future plans are to get back on the wagon. It might be difficult now that I know about her &$%! shop with all of its cheap thrills (Debbie Bliss Alpaca silk anyone?). But I'll do my best.


Brenda said...

Beautiful yarn! Definitely worth falling off the wagon for. Have fun with it!

Disentangled said...

That will be such a fun sweater. You gotta love Noro!