Monday, February 12, 2007

Other People's Knitting

I was able to take some photos a week or so ago of the first projects of my two "students" - my MIL and my SIL who I recently taught to knit.

SIL is making a lacy scarf also Bejeweled. I started her on some Cascade 220, but she ran over to Art Fibers and got herself some yummy brown Kyoto and started over.

MIL is making a lacy scarf from a Chronicle Books / Lion Brand learn to knit set of patterns. (I think it may have been a special packaging of this.)I gave her my first yarn for knitting, Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride worsted in minty green.

For my part, I'm motoring on the second Pea Pod sweater body in Apple green. It will slow down soon, when I divide for the sleeves and back. I'll do them all 3 at once, from 3 different balls, and I'll have to turn my bag every time I finish a row. It has 1.5 repeats of lace after this photo was taken.

And what are those shiny things? They are freshwater pearl stitch markers from Aija. She makes such beautiful markers, and I am a sucker for pearls. I bought a set of blue and gold pearl markers, and she sent two bonus ones free! Go, go, go here and buy some today!

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Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Nice to have someone knitting along with you isn't it? That's why I'm teaching my daughter & all of my grandchildren or rather 8 (of the 12) to knit, LOL. I have one more to teach when she gets old enough.