Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Update on Fred

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I managed to find this old photo of Fred. He still looks like this, though.

While his personality has returned to normal, the pooper still isn't...well...producing. I got some hairball gel and some chicken flavored fiber pellets. We've been supplementing his food with these morning and evening, and I just can't believe it. Fred is so excited to get chicken flavored PILLS! They're big horse pills, with chicken flavor, and it says to break them in pieces to "release the flavor". I can understand him lapping up gravy (heck, I'd do that!) but broken up bits of pills? He can't get enough of it. Then he finishes up with the fish-flavored gel, although it's clearly second-best.

We're hoping after a few days of this, things will start moving through and we won't have to worry so much.


Kathy said...

Awwww Fred. Let it go baby, let it go

knitseashore said...

You are so fortunate that he likes his medicine and takes it willingly. I hope he is better soon! Does he have megacolon? A friend of mine has a cat with that and she has to give him medicine too.