Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stash Enhancement: Araucania Loa

Araucania Loa
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When my mom was visiting, we went looking for buttons for TLD's christening gown. I brought her to an eclectic shop with lots of antique trims, laces, buttons, and yarn. The proprietor there is a somewhat wacky lady who really loves all of the things she sells. The yarn selection is overwhelming; however, she charges about 30% above MSRP. My mom (not a knitter) saw this beautiful yarn that she just loved. Said shop just put all yarn on sale for 50% off (she says she hasn't had a sale in over 10 years, and it's time to clean out) and so I got the yarn.

This yarn is Araucania Loa, a somewhat thin and thick, crimped wool yarn. My mom loved the colors - rust and aqua. The question is, what to do with it? It's pretty pricey stuff, and it's super bulky - 47 yds per skein! I got 4, and so I have under 200 yds of the stuff.

My mom is not into hats. She lives in a warm climate and does not really need winter-type scarves. I've been thinking and thinking what to make for her. She is petite and into very tailored styling - think Coco Chanel. So bulky sweater, winter scarf - these are not really for her.

While I've considered a shawlette like Just enough Ruffles or a shawlette version of Maja (big and holey), right now I'm thinking of a rectangular stole of Scribble lace, maybe mingled with some laceweight baby alpaca. This would be elegant, and would show off the colors she enjoys most, and she can wear it out to concerts and things.

Any other suggestions?

Here's a closeup:


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kathryn said...

Does it have to be something to wear? I was at a fellow knitter's house recently and she had pillow covers knitted in entrelac--very pretty (a noro yarn). I wish I'd been there for the sale--I know the shop you're talking about, of course, but seem to have lost its name . .