Monday, February 23, 2009

2008 FO wrap-up

2008 FO mosaic
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Well, it's almost the end of February, and so I thought it was high time I reviewed my knitting of 2008. It was (not surprisingly) dominated by baby items, mostly for my own, but also for some others. The main theme is that they were almost all small items.

The year started strong with a garterlac dishcloth, which has now been used and is full of holes and badly needs replacement. We love the garterlac for its scrubbing power!

Then, I finally finished the Cal striped scarf.

The Wee Tiny Sock Swap sock took a day to make.

Moc-a-soc booties were a little disappointing - they came out gigantic and have a seam in the sole. They are too big for TLD now, and he needs non-skid bottoms for walking, so I don't think these booties are going to be used.

The birth hat for TLD, with non-jog spirals a la Grumperina.

The Tulips sweater (renamed Paintbox), which is still too big but not for long! I loved knitting that sweater, and I love how it came out. I heart Dream In Colour. I guess I never blogged its "finished" photo, which is it on the blocking board.

Spiral socks - which fit for a few hours, it seemed, but gave me a bit of brainwork to be sure that the spiraling works for socks too.

Ridiculously Tiny Sock, and its mate, which I gave to a friend's preemie. (TLD wore the first one his first week, but it was a tight fit then too!)

Ribbed hat for TLD's first cousin (double meaning!) - I decided after TLD outgrew so many hats that ribbed was the only way to go if you want it to fit for more than a week!

And finally, the crowning achievement, finishing TLD's colorwork Christmas stocking on Christmas Eve. I'll be making 2 more in 2009 - for TLD's first first cousin, and his second first cousin, expected fall of 2009! But at 54 stitches per round, and no second sock syndrome (okay, I'm making two, but they'll be different designs), these socks practically knit themselves. That is, if TLD lets me get any sleep.

So 10 items in 2008. Here's to at least as many (even small ones) in 2009. I joined the Knit 3, wear 3 group on Ravelry - the goal is to finish 3 sweaters in 2009. But baby sweaters are permitted, and I've got lots of optimism!

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