Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Turqoise and rust barf

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So I started working on the Little Arrowhead Shawl (pdf) for my mom, and I got through one repeat and a couple of rows before my cables started being too short. Last night I pinned it out to take a long look at it.

It still kind of looks barfy. Now I know I haven't wet it and truly blocked it, but I just don't see a definitive pattern here. And it just looks like Granny Square (i.e., not Chanel) to me. I think it's headed for the frog pond.

A closer look:


What do you think? Maybe this yarn is just doomed. My next try might be some scribble lace, and after that maybe just a mitered square pillow (thanks for the idea, Kathryn)? Or a felted purse? After all, my mom loved the colors of this yarn, but she didn't mention anything about the texture. What do you all think?


judy G. said...

I don't know if the yarn is doomed, but I think the arrowhead lace/yarn combination might not be the best. I think the lace would work better with more subtle colour changes so the pattern doesn't fight with the colours.

jessie said...

I'm guessing the yarn just doesn't suit the pattern; the colors might be competing with the pattern so you can't see it.

Yarn like that, I think, looks best in a garter stitch or slip stitch kind of pattern.

Theresa said...

The Baby Ull superwash, and steeking worked just fine, as long as you machine reinforced them instead of crochet or something.

RobinH said...

I'm with Jessie- I think it would look cool in a very simple pattern that lets the colors do all the work.