Friday, April 18, 2008

ECF: Flower Friday

Succulents blooming
Originally uploaded by knitswithasilentk
One thing that grows really well in our backyard with minimal attention is succulents. And this time of year, they bloom! I don't really enjoy succulents, but I do like it when they produce flowers. Then I feel that they are "real" plants, and not alien sculptures.


Kathy said...

Oh how pretty the succulents are in bloom. We RARELY get to see that here in Chicago. Thanks for the flower show! We had an earthquake today. Weird huh? I wasnt near the epicenter.

Kadiddly said...

Pretty! I love the colors!

Thanks for the comments on the blog, btw. I was having a bit of a pity party for myself about the whole thing. I know you're right - he's a good enough instructor and knows me well enough to know what I am capable of and that I was NOT at that level the other night. It's rather comforting, now that I've calmed down and thought about it. Thanks!