Tuesday, April 22, 2008

FO: Moc-a-soc booties

Moc-a-soc booties
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Does two of something make a pair? Because while these appear to be two of the same, they actually are different sizes.

Pattern: Moc-a-Soc booties
Needles: Size 2, Addi turbo circular and Clover/Takumi dpns
Yarn: Knit Picks Shine Sport in Willow, and Knit Picks Risata in navy.
Size: smallest (1-6 month)

They came out pretty large for a baby. Someone on Ravelry commented on them already and suggested going down to a size 1, which I might try if I have time to give these another shot. It's also possible that using the Addis with the Shine Sport was just too much slipperyness and made it loose.

The first bootie came out really big; the second one, I "thought tighter gauge" and it did come out a bit smaller. There you have it - two booties, not quite the same size.

Changes for next time: Since they come out so large, I would try and convert the pattern into knitting it in the round, rather than seaming up the bottom, at least for the first part of the bottom. Then painting on some rubber stuff to make them non-skid. Also try smaller needles, and maybe all wood needles instead of using the Addi turbos.

Here is a photo which shows the difference in size:

Moc-a-soc booties

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