Tuesday, April 8, 2008

FO: Wee Tiny Sock 2008

Wee Tiny Sock 2008
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Here it is, in the same pose as last year's Wee Tiny Sock.

Pattern: The Official Wee Tiny Sock Pattern (pdf)
Needles: Brittany birch dpns, size 0 (which annoyingly warp....)
Yarn: STR mediumweight in Undertoe, left over from the Chevron Scarf.
Notes: I followed the pattern exactly. There was a hole on one side of the heel flap. Pah.

It seems mighty pathetic that the 3rd FO of 2008 is a Wee Tiny Sock, but there it is. It was fun to knit, and I finished it up in two sittings - started at knitting group on a Monday, then finished it on a Sunday night (the night before mailing) sitting in the living room with the Sweetie.

Thanks, Emily, for the great swap!


Kathy said...


Your wee tiny sock is lovely.
I am sad that my pal in England hasn't had hers delivered from me, yet.
Wee tiny was very fun. Much less stress than dishrag tag!

Dancing Knitter said...

Very nice sock. Just wanted to know if you received my wee tiny sock. Did my postage make you laugh? You could barely see the front of the envelope.