Thursday, August 16, 2007

FO: Ruffled scarves

Ruffled scarves
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And finally, these lovely scarves will be silent auctioned off tomorrow night at a church fundraiser. I won't be there, but instead on my way to the Bay Area for The Sweetie's parents' 40th anniversary.

I reported the project specs here. The pink and purple one ended up being 52" x 5" (although at the cast on end it was 8 inches; I prefer to consider that a "design feature"), and the turquoise one was 48" x 5". Both respectable lengths, and long enough to do the "fold in half, wrap it around your neck, tuck the ends through the loop thing".

This concludes this week's FO parade. There might be a straggler early next week. And maybe some casting on. I knew I'd be in trouble with 3 lace projects at once!


Brenda said...

I'm sure those will do well at the auction! It has been a week of FOs for you. Have a good time at the party!

Risa said...

Those look so fun! Safe travels

Criquette said...

Those scaves are beautiful! I'd get into a bidding war if I was there!