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Old FO: First socks

First socks
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It was 2000, my parents were taking me on a whirlwind tour of Italy, I had just begun the Professoring sweater (too big for travel) and I thought and thought, and decided (what many knitters already knew) that socks were the perfect travel knitting project.

I took myself to the local knitting shop (which I think was Auntie Jean's Handiworks in Clinton, NJ - no web site) and picked out some nice Brown Sheep Wildfoote - 2 skeins each in blue with white, green with pink, and black with pinkish mauve. I had grand plans to make socks for all of The Sweetie's family for Christmas. Oh, and I got a pattern pamplet (Peter Gregory?) with lots of sock patterns, and Brittany birch needles in size 0, 1, and 1.5.

I started a basic sock pattern - ribbed cuff, stockinette leg. But approximately 2 inches past the ribbing, I got bored with the basic stockinette, and I decided to continue on to the interesting bits. I made the socks short to fit my short feet and must have figured out Kitchener stitch from the instructions also. The socks were initially actually a little too short and the cast-on slightly too tight.

I decided to wear them around the house inside my slippers on cold nights. They have stretched just enough that the foot just barely fits and the cuff is no longer noticably tight. They wash and dry beautifully in the machine, with only slight felting on the bottoms. I really adore these socks, mostly because they were my first.

I made one more sock from the pattern pamplet, a lacy sock with a hemmed picot cuff. This one turned out way too tight (why did I not try it on before finishing it?) and I never made its mate. I still have it, though, and I plan to reclaim the yarn and make some socks I will like!

P.S.: Suzanne has summarized the popcorn experiment.

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Brenda said...

My first socks were knit from Wildfoote too, but bright red in color. They fit OK, but I had holes where the instep meets the gusset on both sides. I was still happy though that I managed to turn the heal and make the toe properly.