Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Last of the Knit Picks book sale

Knit Picks order
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I can't believe I shopped this sale 3 times! But I had heard good things on Claudia's blog that convinced me that Annie Modisett's new book, Romantic Hand Knits, would not just be a coffeetable book, but would have designs that I might make or that might inspire me to take little details and add them. (Says the girl who hasn't designed anything....) Flipping through casually, I really do think I'll love this book. So many nice things, really clear instructions, with schematics and good photos. I also took a dive into Elizabeth Zimmerman and got Knitting Without Tears.

Probably what started the whole thing was KnitPicks' announcement that they're making 16" circular needles in sizes larger than US3. I've been making hats on old Susan Bates Silvalumes, and their cables have been driving me crazy - twisty and tangly. So I got some needles and to put me above $45 (that discount on the books made me buy yarn, right?) I added 2 more colors of Swish Superwash DK. Now I can make me some booties and hats. Right.

Next up is actually a baby sweater for a far-away friend who had a boy baby. I've decided on Trellis, and I did a swatch last night. More on that later....

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KarenJoSeattle said...

I just place one huge book order from the KnitPicks sale. Now I need to spend more time looking through them.