Tuesday, March 18, 2008

More Baby Shower stuff

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I took this picture with the macro lens, and I'm thrilled at how it turned out. These were the favors for the shower. As you can see, Grace filled baby food jars with Jelly Belly jelly beans and made stickers for the top, and labels which say "From Kim's Jelly Belly to yours!".

The Sweetie has been eating from the jar I brought home (I actually don't prefer jelly beans) and we've been commenting that the random mixture of Jelly Bellys give an experience not unlike Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans - you really don't know what you're gonna get, and while Jelly Belly probably doesn't make really awful, poopy flavors, some of them are not as good as others!


Macoco said...

That is a really nice shower favor - and a great reuse of a gerber jar!

Bradley said...

Very cool. Since you're into knitting, check out these Gourmet Baby Hats--also on a food theme. The artist is a mom. She also makes personalized art signs that accent the nursery d├ęcor. I have two--one for each of my twin boys.