Monday, March 31, 2008

Si, se puede

Today, this blog is taking a vacation holiday for Cesar Chavez day.

Or maybe this weekend was too busy to upload any photos.

When I lived in Massachusetts, there were holidays all over the place: Patriot's Day, Columbus Day, President's Weekend (2 days off!). (I realize that these are nationally acknowledged holidays, but most places didn't observe them outside of Massachusetts.) In California there is really only one holiday that is not a federal holiday: Cesar Chavez day. And I (in the industrial world) don't have it, but The Sweetie does, because he works at a state university. It's really an extra breath before spring quarter begins, a kind extension to spring "break" for the faculty.

Read more about Cesar Chavez.


grace said...

You have to love Cesar Chavez Day - free babysitting (uh, I mean special "Daddy & Daughter Time"). Thanks for lunch! It was so nice to eat SLOWLY and have adult conversation :)

RobinH said...

Cool! I had not heard of Chavez (being in New England). I work in Mass, and we don't get most of the minor holidays off. It's really only state government and the like who do. Industry is as chintzy here as anywhere!