Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Thank you, Rhonda!

Gift from Rhonda
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I was bowled over the other day when I opened my mail. Hmm....something from MIT.... Now I am an alum and a volunteer, so it's not so unusual to get something from them, but in a padded envelope....mysterious.

Inside was the most beautiful card and the most awesome pair of baby socks from none other than Rhonda the Stitching Nut! It's such a special gift. Thank you, Rhonda! Thank you so much! She had blogged about them, but I had no idea they were destined for my little boy!

There's still time to enter the random drawing to be a Pay It Forward recipient. Click here for more details.


Kathy said...

OHHHHH YOU got those adorable socks I saw in her post. I am soooo glad. Let the pay it forward contest go awhile. Talk it up on Ravelry maybe?

Emily said...

I love seeing things on one person's blog and then seeing them show up on another! Especially cute little things!

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Oh you're most welcome, Kim. Tehe, I knew it would be a surprise. I still remember our meeting on campus when you came out and how you & I (as well as our 2 guys) talked like long time friends. (and our visit was too short) Well since I already had your address ... AND I had the hankering to knit baby socks ... the rest is history.

But since they're my 1st baby pair, I just hope they fit!