Monday, March 24, 2008

My first Easter basket

This year, for the first time in a long time, we didn't go to The Sweetie's parents' house for Easter. He had final exams on Friday and had to have them all graded and grades set by Tuesday, so we deemed it crazy to go up for the weekend in between. But I didn't want him to be completely without Easter traditions.

Usually, The Sweetie's mom buys a Bordeaux egg from See's candies for each person, and puts it in a family basket. Friday after work I snuck out to see if I could get a Bordeaux egg. I discovered they have other flavors of egg, so I got myself a Chocolate Butter with Walnuts egg. The Sweetie usually gets my Bordeaux egg because I find it too rich, but not this year! I also picked up some chocolate eggs - one bag dark, one bag milk.

Saturday while The Sweetie was grading final exams, I hard boiled eggs in the morning, and in the afternoon dyed them. I told The Sweetie I made red, yellow, green, blue, orange, and a try at purple. (The purple is always a controversial subject - mixing red and blue do not really make an attractive purple, you know.) He said it sounded like traditional family egg dying - right down to the "try at purple".

Sunday morning I told him to stay in bed while I hurriedly assembled the basket, candy, and eggs. He was completely surprised and delighted.

I feel oddly triumphant that I was able to produce an Easter basket that satisfied (my? his? whose?) requirements - dyed eggs, chocolate eggs, and the traditional Bordeaux egg, in a basket, with fake grass.


Ali said...

Your sweetie is a lucky guy! As is the little one!

Kathy said...

Oh good for you. Starting your own traditions based on the originals is always a great way to start. Mmm ive forgotten about See's.

Lynn said...

Love makes you do crazy things.;)