Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Random Wednesday

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The first thing that happened at Saturday's baby shower was everyone took a blank onesie or t-shirt and ironed on a freezer paper stencil, and went to town with the fabric paint. I know I saw this around on blogs a while back, and when Grace asked if there was anything in particular I'd like to have at the shower, I sent her some links. Grace was a dear and pre-cut all of the stencils, so all people had to do was pick one, iron it on, and paint! They turned out soooo cute! Everyone said it was lots of fun.

The random part of Wednesday is provided by the results from my drawing. I used to draw numbers, and after removing Kathy (who did it already) and Rachel (the one who Ped IF to me), I ended up with Marie, trek, and Kadiddly!

Congratulations! I'll be contacting you for mailing addresses. Expect to receive something handmade within 365 days. =)


jessie said...

What a great idea!

I have a friend who went into labor early, before her shower. She came home from the hospital with 3 onesies and figured that would be enough.

LOL. They lasted about 4 hours!

Emily said...

I love freezer paper stencils! I've used them for big people shirts too.

Kathy said...

Oh those are soooo cute. What a friend Grace is! I love the babyfood jars with treats also. Very sweet happenings!

trek said...

Great shower idea - the onsies look wonderful.

Oh, and yay for the random number generator.