Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Paying It Forward

Pay It Forward
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A long time ago, when Pay It Forward was relatively new, I jumped at the chance to be a PIF recipient. I really like the idea of just giving gifts for no special reason - just to make their day.

Rachel didn't promise to be speedy, but she was working hard! She made strips of fabric, and knit them into this beautiful rug! I don't want to put it on the floor! Right now, it's sitting on a chair in our living room, covering up ugly stained bits, as a sort of chair cushion.

Thank you, Rachel!

Now, the next step is to pay it forward again. I'll pick 3 random people who comments on this blog entry. I'll pick those people next week, on March 17. Then someday, you'll receive a handmade gift from me to brighten your day. I can tell you right now, the "handmade" part might be small, but accompanied by something good, like chocolate. There are no promises of promptness here - just within 365 days. When you get it, you must promise to do the same on your blog.

You can be anywhere in the world, but you must have a blog (or start one!)


Kadiddly said...

Cool idea! I don't necessarily have to be a recipient, but it would be fun to be a donor!

Kathy said...

Ive already done this fun fun fun PIF. Your RUG gift is incredible. I would love one, too.

I paid it forward a bit differently. I gave my sweet lady at the cleaners a box of chocolate. She was thrilled.
I bought books for our reading room at work, where siblings of the premies can sit and read.
And after finding the books at my local library sale, I signed up to volunteer time working the used book section of the library regularly. I start tonight!

Marie said...

I think the PIF idea can change the world - seriously. Connecting with people on a personal level (not political, religious, or work related) can make a difference. You effort is laudable.

R... said...

PIF is such a nice concept! By commenting I realize I am putting myself in some danger of having to do the same and since I don't knit...well, I'm a little concerned. In any case, love the idea. SOOOOO good to see you guys over the weekend!!


trek said...

Nice rug - I've been toying with the idea of making one for our bathroom but size is daunting.

Rachel said...

You are welcome! I'm glad you liked it.