Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More stash enhancement

My church has an annual fundraising event, and last year we went for the first time. I saw that some of the auction items were fun fur scarf and hat sets, and I immediately thought, "I could make those! I could make something better!"

I had seen an Online Linie 194 Ruffle scarf at a LYS in my in-laws town, but didn't get a chance to fully investigate. So when The Yarn Harlot blogged about making one, and said they were easy and fast, I knew I was on to something.

I ordered two colorways from Fuzzy Mabel. They were shipped quickly, and included a note about the color. The one on the right is black/purple, but the one on the left is "navy/blue/sky" - as you can see, it's a turquoise color of sky. Well, the note said that if I didn't like the color, she'd send me a postage paid envelope to return it and she'd send me another color if I wanted.

I think it's just fine, seeing as I didn't need sky-colored yarn. But it was really nice, I thought, that the person behind Fuzzy Mabel cared so much. It was my first time shopping there, and I just wanted to share my experience - they certainly deserve more business. The yarns were also shipped in a plastic bag with one of those handles that snap the bag closed - very handy!

The original pattern (pdf) calls for 4 balls, but some blogs report that a nice scarf can be had for only 2, so I bought 3 of each color. At $10.25/ball (free shipping from Fuzzy Mabel through July!), I thought 4 was a bit excessive for a fundraiser - with labor being free and all. The key is to fetch more money for the scarves than they actually cost - otherwise, I could just donate the money instead.

So I'm looking forward to some mindless knitting. Maybe I'll even get more for Christmas presents, as the Harlot suggests....


Kathy said...

Al made one last winter/spring. VERY easy. very cute.

Brenda said...

Excellent idea! Great colors too. I bet they will sell for a good price.