Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Present!

Present from Kathy B
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I had some nice mail coming back from vacation. I helped Kathy B of Irisheyes make her first outgoing links from her blog, and to thank me, she sent me this sweet frog button and this baggie of cute candy. Can you guess what it is? She had asked me if I liked peanut butter (I do), and these are pink Reese's Pieces-like candy! It is way too easy to just toss a bunch in your mouth at the same time! (The Sweetie reports that it is possible to swallow them whole, like Advil, but that it's not as tasty that way...)

Thank you, Kathy!

Just for you, Debby, a picture. This is the Taylor Creek estuary, where it (almost) reaches Lake Tahoe.

Taylor Creek

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