Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Pretty picture

Elephant Head
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...to distract you from noticing the lack of knitting content. Ah, well, it happens to the best of us. Not much knitting. Last night I felt rather out of sorts (the Sweetie contends it was all day) so I went to bed immediately after dinner and slept until this morning.

This flower is called Elephant Head, because at close range each flower has a petal that sticks out like an elephant's trunk. Another new flower I saw on our hike to Lake Winnamucca. I took a bazillion ginormous number of wildflower photos, thinking I could put together a photographic wildflower identification guide of my own. Hmmm....need to identify some more flowers, then. Like, most of them.

Want to help me identify Sierra wildflowers? Click here and comment if you know the flower.


amanda cathleen said...

holy cow! You slept for a long time, I hope your feeling better!
Thats one pretty flower btw

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Hope you're feeling better now. I had trouble sleeping because I was out of sorts myself. But couldn't sleep. I hate when that happens.