Thursday, January 24, 2008

Eye Candy ... Thursday?

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I woke up so wishing it was Saturday. Then I remembered it was a work day.

Last weekend, I stopped in at Knit This, Purl That, a LYS in Pleasanton, CA, where my in-laws live, to look for prize yarn. The owner said she'd just come back from somewhere (TNNA?) and made lots of orders, so the whole store was 20% off, plus selected yarns at 40% off!

I stuck to my goal of getting three handdyed skeins of sock yarn for my prizes, and decided on Karen's Heavenly Creations, a sort of local dyer who I'd never seen on the Internet. Plenty of yardage, and superwash to boot! Top to bottom: Confetti, Lady Fingers, and Blueberry Hill.

Congrats to Kathy, Debra, and Kris! I hope you like your packages! They were mailed yesterday and you should get them soon!


Kathy said...

Oh thank you KIM. It is so cold and kind of isolating right now. Your gift will bring such a great joy to cold old me!

Your yarn picks are so lovely.

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Oh what yummy looking yarn candy! Congrats to the winners!! A nice way to put some sunshine into cloudy days, huh?