Friday, January 11, 2008

Non-knitting FO: cat bed cover

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When we returned from Christmas, we found the cat bed had been replaced with a pillow wrapped in blanket, with no sign of the cat bed anywhere. I phoned our catsitter and she had it - she'd washed it and was drying it. Admittedly, we hadn't washed it since we bought it (mumble) years ago, and it was thoroughly covered in cat fur (but flea free, as far as I know).

There was evidence that the cat bed had first been washed in our washer and dryer. Much cat fur in evidence in both machines. So we wanted to avoid this scenario again. (Yes, we were spurred to better cat stewardship by our catsitter.)

We went down to the fabric store and got a yard of fluffy fleecy stuff. The fun was picking out the pattern! We opted against the one with cute kitties on it (didn't want poor Fred to have bad dreams) and decided on the leopard-print stripe. I traced around the cat bed pillow, added a little, and cut out a big oval. Then I cut out two half ovals + 4 inches, for the back, so that they'd overlap with a big hole to put the pillow in through. I had enough to make two.

First I seamed the ends of the half-ovals. Then I pinned the half-ovals (overlapping) to the whole oval and sewed around the outside with the stitch length setting to the biggest (6 - is this stitches per inch?). I was thoroughly impressed with my sewing machine's smooth operation. (It hadn't been touched in over a year, I'm guessing, but didn't miss a beat!) Gotta love those old Singers.

I had enough fabric to make 2, so these can go into a monthly laundry cycle swapping them out for each other. Happy Freddy! We placed his cat bed in place with the cover, and he slept on it that night. Note we have never seen him sleeping in his bed (he usually greets us at the door) but there is clear evidence that he spends time there.


Emily said...

Cool! I heartily agree with your fabric choice - I made our cats a fleecy blanket with tigers all over it. I figured it was like superman print to the domesticated cat.

Anonymous said...

so cute! You have one lucky cat.
My cats won't sleep in a cat bed, they prefer to sleep on the fleece blankets folded on the arm of the couch.

Turtle said...

cute, funny you kind of got pushed into it by the cat sitter though! smile. When i got home from vegas my house was so clean, mother in law house sat. I asked her if she would house sit every 6 months or so for all that deep cleaning! (she is obsessive so she laughed)