Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tulips sweater in progress

I took this photo on Monday at knitting group. I cast on Sunday night, while The Sweetie was working his precious butt off (grumble, mutter), and I have to say the Harlot was right - knitting this sweater is like knitting crack. Each color is only used for 8 rows, and you feel like you can knit the world!

When I took this photo, I had finished the first three colors (I replaced the two pinks in the kit with red, a.k.a. Lipstick Lava, and orange, a.k.a. Flamingo Pie) and had done one row of the light green. I did the entire light green section in an hour (and it only took that long because I divided for sleeves) at knitting group. Last night, again, The Sweetie was working, and so I picked it up, and finished the dark green, aqua, and blue colors. Only one more color band and the body is done! Well, there's the bottom border which is almost another color band, but still - this sweater is the fastest thing I've knit. (I feel guilty for taking such knitting pleasure from The Sweetie's having so much work to do!)

Then the sleeves (knit in the round) and trim and ties, and it'll be done. After knitting group on Monday, I ordered the kit for the Christmas stocking.

It's so pretty with all the colors, I can't stop myself from looking at it and admiring it every time I finish a row. I've decided Dream in Color is now my favorite yarn, because it is what I consider the ultimate in color - clearly they are solid colors, but with variation in it that gives it extra richness.


Theresa said...

That looks totally addictive!

Anonymous said...

Its the perfect combination of yarn and pattern isn't it? Love the colors that your using!

Kathy said...

Tulip sweater colors are amazing. I love when Im in love with what I am knitting. Makes it so fun to knit away!

Sorry i know nothing about your yarn question