Monday, January 28, 2008

Rainbow day

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I had thought all weekend how I had so much to show you, and took photos and everything! Now I get to sit down to blog, and I remember that while I snapped the photos, I failed to upload them. Gah. Tomorrow, a FO.

Today was a very rainbow day. I drove to work through areas of rain, but throughout it all the sun was out. I saw brilliant rainbows - straight huge ones coming down like sunbeams near my house, and brilliant double rainbows with reverse reflections in the valley on my way to work, and even a bright little rainbow that met the ground by the side of the road as I drove by. I didn't take any photos, though, because I was driving.

Need rainbow photos? Click here.

Oh, and I took the above photo at Moss Landing last last weekend. The coolest things we saw were these purple speckled sea stars. Can you see it?

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Celia said...

Hey, Kim. Something wierd is going on with your blog and bloglines. I get a notification that you have posted, but what comes up in Bloglines is a post from May of last year. Wierd. I just figured out that you're posting in the present. Just thought you'd like to know.