Friday, January 18, 2008

2007 goals / 2008 goals

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I have a list a mile long of things I hope to accomplish in 2008 (and those are just the crafting projects!), but I thought I'd start with analyzing the list I made last year.

  • Finish the Pea Pod twins sweaters. Done.

  • Red Scarf project scarf. Done. Turned out to be School Picture, not Obstacles.

  • Handwarmers for me and The Sweetie. Half done.

  • Felted slippers. Never started.

  • Another baby sweater for another one in the womb. Done, but late. Oh, and they were socks, not a sweater.

  • Socks for the Sweetie. No dice. (The Jaywalkers were completed in 2006; this goal meant another pair of socks for The Sweetie.)

And I've made no progress on the "projects in stash" list. I have, however added to stash, mostly by winning contests.

I did, however, finish all 4 of my most recent UFOs: The Possum lace scarf, Aran baby sweater, Baby bolero, and Green Gable.

My goals for 2008 (cut down to a reasonable list):

  • Tulip sweater for baby. I have the kit, and I plan to replace the top 2 pinks with orange and red (yarn on the way).

  • Christmas stocking for baby. I want to make this one. Should I buy the kit, or just the pattern and use another yarn, say Cascade 220?

  • Baby hat, and socks or booties for baby.

  • Finish UFO: Cal striped scarf.

  • Finish UFO: Tahoe lace scarf (scroll to bottom).

  • Frog Professoring sweater (scroll down) - it is way TOO BIG, and start on it again.

  • Make some more progress on the Lacy Stole. Dare I say, finish it? That would be a stretch goal....

So there you have it - 3 new small projects for the baby, and progress on UFOs. I'm really hoping 2008 brings stash reduction and finished projects!


Brenda said...

Sounds like some excellent goals! The Christmas stocking is adorable. I have never purchased a knitting kit, but other bloggers seem to do well with them. I've had trouble with needlework kits not having enough thread, but I've not heard of that problem with knitting.

Have a great weekend!

Kathy said...



R... said...

Sweaters for twins?! Did I miss something??!

p.s. That is one very pretty dish rag!

RobinH said...

Hmm. I think for the Christmas stocking I'd get the kit *unless* I had a lot of odds and ends of the right weight yarn I could use up in it. I wouldn't want to have to buy a skein of each.

And I think this list seems totally doable- except that the beginning-of-year lists often get added to as you go on.

However you deserve wild applause *claps heartily* for finishing the three UFOs. And I still adore the scarf- so lovely.

Anonymous said...

That is one cute stocking! I think I would get the kit... because I know if I was to buy the yarn separately I would have a lofty thought of: "Oh, I could just switch the colors around and have enough to knit 2 or 3 or 4 stockings!!"
Pretty dishrag! And congrats on meeting so many of your goals in 2007 : )