Monday, January 14, 2008

Really old FO: Jaywalker socks for The Sweetie

I finally took a photo of these Jaywalker socks that I knit for The Sweetie. It was 2006, the year I picked up knitting again. After my knitting Olympics project, I wanted to make something special for my sweetie, and I chose the Jaywalker sock pattern. It looked like fun, and everyone, it seemed, was making them.

I bought some luscious Schaefer Anne at a LYS in Pacific Grove (we were on a weekend getaway), convinced The Sweetie that yes, he did deserve $24 (or however much they were) socks, and started.

Around this time I also ordered one of those aluminum stitch holder tube things that the Yarn Harlot mentioned. But I sent mine back after the aluminum edge CUT THE YARN not once, but several times. And, I had cleverly decided to knit both socks in parallel, from the two ends of the yarn (one center pulled, one outer pulled), in order to avoid Second Sock Syndrome. So, I had to repair the holes with tiny bits of thread cut from the cast-on tails!

In the end, though, I loved the socks, and I tried them on my sweetie's feet. He loved them. But they are too loose in the ankle. My sweetie has especially slender feet and ankles, and (what did I know?) the Jaywalker pattern, being on the bias, has even less stretch than regular stockinette. Le Sigh. So I'm not sure what to do with them. They've been lovingly laid on the bedside table for over a year. I finally washed them (to get rid of the dust) and slipped them into his sock drawer. Maybe they'll be used as house socks. Or maybe I could frog them and make some nice ribbed socks with them (there is a lot of yarn leftover). Or they could be passed on to someone with fatter ankles.

At least I finally took a picture.


Anonymous said...

whatever you decided to do with them, they are beautiful socks! Lovely blue, and your sweetie is very lucky to have you knit socks for him! And your also very lucky to have a sweetie that will wear hand knit socks. (Seems like my sweetie is afraid of handknits... but I think thats ok. He wears size 12W shoes!!)

Turtle said... mens feet get fatter as they age? if so hang on to them! (smile) They're beautiful!

When the seahawks lost on saturday i told hubby it was due to his not wearing his seahawks socks i knit him. I do not think he has ever wore them. Then he says i never knit for him....

RobinH said...

Oh, those are just beautiful. How disappointing the size is wrong. I must admit, I'd wear them anyway, just cause they're so pretty.