Thursday, February 28, 2008

99% Done

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Here is the current state of the Paintbox sweater (Tulips, from Dream in Color). I ran out of the turquoise while finishing the neck. (I realized this after doing 4.5 inches of I-cord that it just wasn't going to make it. Actually, I suspected I wasn't going to make it, but started the I-cord anyway, just to see.) So I started applying the I-cord to see if I had enough to finish.

I should add that one of the problems (although it doesn't change the fact that there just isn't enough yarn) was that Monday night, while I was finishing up the second sleeve cuff, I discovered a knot in the yarn about 2 rows into the cuff. So I untied the knot, ripped the turqoicse out, picked up the purple stitches, and started the cuff over again. I didn't think that partway through a seed stitch cuff was a desirable place to start a new length of yarn. 'Twould have been better not to have it there at all, but....

So instead, I have new ends about 2" into the right side collar (if you click on the photo, it's that blobby bit on the collar - the two ends which thankfully I knit together as I went so all I have to do is tuck them in somewhere). That's how far the remaining yarn went in applied I-cord, and I finished the neck with 12 inches to spare (give or take).

I did consider making ties out of a small amount of turqoise, and finish it in purple or something. I suppose I could do the entire rainbow again. But I'm thinking I wasn't really fond of the I-cord ties anyway - they looked a little heavy to my eye. (Is there such thing as a 2-stitch I-cord? 3 in worsted just seems big.) So now I'm envisioning a pretty metal clasp instead. I suppose I could sew on ribbons or something. I could also make an I-cord button loop (I think I have enough for that) and sew on a big button.

The ends are for the most part woven in. There's just the neckline ends - the two sticking out of the collar, and the two ends of the applied I-cord. I didn't weave them in because I wanted to sit on the idea for a while. I only wish I knew this was going to happen, because I would have continued the applied I-cord from the plackets. I can try some kind of fancy grafting the I-cord together, and the transitions will likely be covered up by the clasp or whatever I use to close it at the top. But it would have been neater to just keep the applied I-cord going.

And as you can see, it could also use a good blocking. Can't wait to see it when it's finished for real.


Lauren said...

It looks beautiful! The i-cord loop and button was going to be my suggestion. And I imagine the bumpiness will smooth out with blocking. Great work!

Kadiddly said...

Cute! I love the colors!

RobinH said...

Hmm. How would a crocheted chain look for ties? Is it similar in size to the three stitch I-cord, or would it come in a bit smaller?

trek said...

Would a separating zipper work? Or maybe a belt of some sort?

Looks very pretty.