Monday, February 11, 2008

Lots of boring yarn pictures

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No knitting this weekend, but lots of reorganizing around the house! We're converting The Sweetie's study into the baby's room, and he's moving his workspace into our walk-in closet. We've been doing preparatory work such as getting a new dresser and thinning out our clothing, but this weekend we really attacked the task of shuffling things around so that we end up with an empty space in the study to fill with baby stuff.

We didn't quite get to that end part, but we made a lot of progress on the shuffling. The Sweetie put up a second closet bar in our other closet, and I moved my clothes out of the walk-in and into that section. The Sweetie and I went through about 500 lbs. of technical books sitting in the bottom of a closet in our garage (no, that's probably not an exaggeration) and sorted into "get rid of" and "keep" piles, and were able to store all our (rarely used) dressy clothes in that closet.

Then I booted yarn from bins in the garage, and put them into a mostly empty cedar chest that serves as our coffee table (yay! The yarn is nearer now!). It almost all fit. Ahem. I stored "souvenir" T-shirts (a quilt someday?) and pre-pregnancy clothes in the bins formerly used for yarn, and stored it in the garage, along with new bins for cold weather - hats, scarves, gloves, and purses I can't part with (mostly dressy purses - I did designate several past "everyday" purses for donation).

I also went through all my college and grad school class notes and recycled a vast majority of them. It filled the recycle bin! Which made room for the technical books to keep to live on a bookshelf (at least for the moment - The Sweetie has designs to make that space into an office space for me, for working from home).

The Sweetie then tore out most of the shelves in the walk-in, and after spackle and paint it will be ready for a new desk to be built in.

We can now get dressed without crossing paths and getting in each other's way - his clothes are in the walk-in and in a dresser on his side of the room, my clothes in a dresser and the other closet on my side of the room. This is overall a really good improvement. On the other hand, we need to figure out where to put dirty laundry, as that used to live in the walk-in closet too, and we're about out of floor space in our bedroom.

And, while I was tossing bags of yarn into my cedar chest, I took pictures and weighed the yarn. Hence, no new knitting, and no new yarn, but lots of boring pictures of yarn that I took to flesh out my stash on Ravelry. And today, after inputting them, I notice that there is still more yarn that hasn't been entered or photographed!

Pictured above: unknown purple-y / pinky / greeny yarn, bought or given at a friend's garage sale. It looks like worsted weight, but I have no guesses as to what its composition is.


Kathy said...

Let the nesting begin!

RobinH said...

Congratulations to you both (on the baby and the reorganizing!)

Has the accessibility of your stash given you ideas for new projects?