Friday, February 22, 2008

ECF: Garden edition

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I know I'm making you New Englanders jealous, but I just couldn't resist taking a photo of my baby lettuces (and flat-leafed parsley) last weekend. They're now probably even bigger (and hopefully not bitter) - I plan a small harvest tonight for dinner with The Sweetie's parents. Local food, indeed!

Thanks for all the well wishes - I felt a lot better yesterday and today looks to be the same. Perhaps wearing Spanx for compression (maternity style - no pressure on the belly) was making things worse, not better. In any case, I'm taking a few days off from wearing them and seeing if I have improvement.

I've also come around to some pluses about failing the test: I get 3 hours of solid knitting time during the next test (this would be the "real" test). If it still comes out positive, then that's a bummer, but it might mean another ultrasound - which has always been a delight. And this time we'd try and get a 3D ultrasound - I've heard those are the coolest things ever. So I still don't want a positive test for gestational diabetes, but I'm trying to see the bright side.

Last night I had a delightful dinner with a women's group I'm in (Hi, Ali!) and went home to find The Sweetie working hard, writing a midterm. I folded laundry and generally tried to tidy up the house for the housecleaners and The Sweetie's folks. This was very satisfying work and I slept solidly. It still surprises me how quickly I get tired sometimes!

Have a great weekend!

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RobinH said...

That's okay, thanks for letting us enjoy the greenery vicariously. :) It looks delicious.

(It's a balmy 37 here today, and the 6" of snow we had Friday is melting fast. The cat's on the sun porch soaking up the rays. Our turn will come!)