Monday, February 18, 2008

Random Monday

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Weekend report: I spent the weekend spackling and painting our walk-in closet, heretofore to be known as "mini study" or The Sweetie's workspace. We both found it ironic that in preparation for the baby, I was painting....the closet. Not the baby's room. I painted that room only 2 years ago. But the closet needed painting especially after The Sweetie tore out built-in shelves to make room for a built-in desk. Now my arms and wrists are sore - I wore braces all night and the wrists seem to have recovered. I brought the braces to work just in case. I thought it was the pressing of the paint roller against the walls (we have incredibly deep texturing) but after thinking about it, it was probably the hand brushwork applied to the corners and edges that really was repetitive. I'll be brush painting the (remaining) shelves and trim tonight, but it should be broad strokes, not little teensy wrist motions.

So, I didn't do any knitting this weekend. But I did take my glucose tolerance test this morning (nothing like starting your day with 8oz. of orange soda). It tasted like normal orange soda; I was worried it would be incredibly sweet and I'd have a hard time drinking it, but I had no problems at all. And I knitted in the waiting room for a whole hour. (And no, I didn't have any wrist problems while knitting - thank goodness!) It was a great way to begin a Monday!

I snapped this picture of Fred this weekend. Just a few minutes before, he was asleep with all 4 paws in the air. But I guess my getting the camera woke him up. Still, doesn't he look relaxed?


Kathy said...

Our cats. They know just when to MOVE! I swear they have a camera gene that goes off when we even think about a photo. He looks so relaxed

RobinH said...

Aw. What a cutie! No human can relax the way a cat can. Mine climbed onto my lap and purred at me this I wasn't quite as early getting to work as I wanted to be. But who can resist such overwhelming adorableness?