Friday, February 29, 2008

Eye ca...wha?

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Sorry, I don't really have eye candy for you yet. But I do have more knitting!

This is the first boot of the Soc-a-Moc booties by Bekah Knits. I started and finished it (started weaving in the ends, but not all of them) at the lab while I was taking the gestational diabetes test.

The pattern calls for Knit Picks Shine Sport (my favorite baby yarn) on US 2 needles. I picked my Addi Turbo 32" circular, because it was available and I like slick metal needles. For some reason, the bootie seems to me to be kind of big. Given, I haven't actually put it up to a ruler, but it seems pretty big to me. I finished the sock portion last night while The Sweetie was grading midterm exams, and I noticed that on mine, the turndown of the boot reaches the floor, while on hers, the turned down part just sort of folds over.

I'm going to finish the other one and then throw them in the wash and see what happens, although in my experience Shine Sport doesn't shrink - in fact if you're not careful drying it, it'll stretch a lot.

I don't know if it's subliminal thinking or what, but so far the second one seems to be knitting up a bit tighter - and I can't decide whether I'd prefer the second one to turn out smaller (I'd then make a 3rd and hope it matched the second one) or the same as the first (because then I'd be consistent at least in my knitting tension!). Then I dreamed last night that the second bootie was coming out all small and cute just like Bekah's photos....

Thank you for all the suggestions on how to close my Paintbox sweater. I liked all of the suggestions - now just have to pick one. I think a crochet chain would be a lot finer than 3-stitch i-cord, RobinH. And, Trek, a separating zipper could be really cute! (But I'd have to gather my bravery for that one!) Lauren, I could do a loop over a big button, but I've been thinking about it, and the plackets were designed to meet, not overlap, so I'm liking these others ideas a little more.

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Kathy said...

okay. Im putting the booties on my to do list. Want to do list. Want to wear list. Ohhhhh I love them