Friday, February 1, 2008

Sewing FO: Baby bonnet

Baby bonnet
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I've been toying with the idea of making a christening gown for Skipper (that's my new nickname for the baby, just trying it out). I think with my track record of knitting under deadline, though, and my continual obsession with antique christening gowns done up in fine linen and silk, and with lace, that knitting is not really an option for me. So I did some searches for christening gown sewing patterns, and went down to the local sewing store last weekend.

I have a friend who works there, and she reassured me that the pattern I picked was not too elaborate and difficult, and she showed me some lovely fabrics (cottons, cotton batiste, and silk) that I could make it out of, and I started dreaming. Well, even more than that. I started thinking this dream could become a reality.

I bought the pattern (McCalls 4865) and some fine cotton (pima something), lace, and ribbon to make the bonnet. The bonnet and dress have some tucks and I wanted to practice, and make sure that I really do remember how to follow a pattern and sew things.

I'm really delighted with the bonnet! I made the size L, and other than I think it looks proportionally too tall for how deep it is (but what do I really know, anyway?), it's really beautiful. It will be even more so in cotton batiste! The depth problem could have been caused by using the 1" eyelet that I chose instead of the 3" wide lace the pattern called for - it would have given a much deeper appearance to the bonnet.

So now I think the dream is becoming more real - I really think I can make this little dress- outer dress, slip, and bonnet. I even worked out how to put tucks on the bodice instead of lace. All I need is to know when the baptism will be - so I can choose the right size. And a few weekends to make it.

Oh, yeah, and I need a baby too.


KnitTech said...

The bonnet is so pretty.

Skipper is Barbie's wannabe cousin.

Brenda said...

Well done! And considering how bonnets fit, I think it would have to be longer than deeper so baby can see.

Mer said...

Your christening patterns definitely looks do-able! Some of the heirloom sewing patterns I've looked at just make me want to give up sewing because they look so intricate and difficult. Baby bonnets are my first step into heirloom sewing. If you're into lovely baby things, you might like the magazine "Sew Beautiful" that is produced by the Martha Pullen Co.
Lots of great eye candy! Let us know how the gown turns out...

Unique Gowns said...

It is great to see someone else being so orientated in creating christening garments. Best wishes Dana