Thursday, February 21, 2008

Love Thursday

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Yesterday was really hard. I haven't been talking much about my pregnancy as of yet, and it's been overall between "just fine" and "really good." But entering the 3rd trimester, I'm starting to experience discomfort. I have pain in my groin as a result of varicose veins. It makes me limp because every time I take a step with my right leg, I feel pain. Yesterday it was especially bad. Sitting with my feet up helps, but I still need to get up pretty often. Ironically, walking around is supposed to make it feel good, but I was past the line - getting up felt so awful, I didn't want to do it anymore. I went home after work and just laid down for a while, looked at the lunar eclipse, laid down some more, ate some dinner, and laid down (on my left side - to avoid reflux) in front of the TV until bedtime, took a warm bath (sorry, environment!) then laid down again. Didn't have the will to knit a stitch.

Today I feel a bit better, and I'm sitting on a bag of frozen edamame that have been in our freezer for too long, and it's oddly comfortable. So I'm hopeful for a better day, although I just found out I failed my glucose tolerance test, so I'll have to go back to do the 3-hour version. Bleh.

Sounds like a great time to have love thursday. Things I'm loving:

  • Primroses in bloom - in February. Gotta love living in this mild climate! Maybe tomorrow I'll show you my lettuces - I managed to only get mild-tasting ones this time.
  • That my pregnancy has been overall smooth and easy up until this point (and it still could be much, much worse in terms of discomfort than it really is).
  • That the stress level at my work life is best characterized as "none".
  • That my in-laws, The Sweetie's parents, are coming this weekend to help get the office moved into the closet to make room for the baby's room. We always feel relaxed after we see them.
  • That I have friends who have had babies coming out of the woodwork to lend an ear and give welcome advice. Edited to add: er....that is the friends are coming out of the woodwork, not the babies!
  • That tomorrow the housecleaner comes. Even if it means we have to get all of our clutter off the floor.
  • That our tour of the hospital's birth center left us with a sense of happiness about the facilities. We don't have much choice anyway, but we really felt comfortable after the visit.
  • That I have such a wonderful Sweetie.
  • That our lives will soon be blessed with a baby.

What are YOU loving?

PS- Emily had her baby!


Celia said...

I'm loving hearing about your pregnacy and hoping that the discomfort is brief.

trek said...

We're loving antibiotics - because they get Neatniks better so quickly.

RobinH said...

Sorry to hear it was such a difficult day- hopefully today and the weekend will be better! And shucks, I'm late. But I have stuff to love anyway..

I'm loving fresh citrus fruit (courtesy of a friend's fund-raiser, they ship up a truckload direct from Florida each winter), I'm loving longer days- I no longer get out of work in the dark! And I'm loving hot tea, because it's snowing a blizzard today in New England, and there's nothing that feels toastier than a nice hot drink with the white stuff coming down outside.

Take care. And primroses and lettuces? That sounds so lovely! Looking forward to pix of baby veggies.

Kathy said...

Im loving the sunsine amid the snow today. Walkin in the woods with Huck.

The primrose is a breath of fresh air as are your lettuces.

How many weeks are you now? Sorry you are uncomfortable, and sometimes even in pain.