Thursday, January 25, 2007

Another new knitter!

No, not the cat. Cat included for photo interest. Isn't it always better to read a blog entry with photos than without?

I started my SIL knitting this weekend. I didn't think she was going to be very interested - she has not shown more than a cursory interest in my knitting before. But over Christmas, I gave her mom and dad scarf and hat sets that I made, and I got to talking with her mom about knitting. Her mom immigrated from Poland and used to knit, although I got the impression more out of necessity than for self-enjoyment. She said she knit sweaters for my SIL and her brother because there wasn't much choice for clothing. I found out she knits continental (Of course! She learned to knit on the continent!) and watched her knit a few rows so I could see in person how it is done. Even after many years of not knitting, she had lovely even stitches.

So this weekend, BIL and SIL visited, and we had a lovely time, and the Sweetie bonded a bit with his brother, and SIL and I got to talking about knitting. Well, one thing led to another, and led to a tour of the stash, and I started thinking, well, I should see about getting her started knitting, maybe next time I see her. Let her ponder it a bit...

And then I said, "Would you like to start now?" And she said yes! We only had a few hours before they had to leave, but I had her "shop" for yarn in my stash, and then I taught her the long-tail cast-on and how to knit continental. Why continental? Because when she was in 2nd grade in Poland, she learned to knit! She just hasn't done it since then. And that's how her mom knits.

I started her off just knitting back and forth, and then started her on Bejeweled*. It's a garter stitch scarf, and it has inc (I taught her kfb), yo, and k2tog. No perling! And I gave her my copy of YNotKnit, which has everything she needs to know, with step by step instructions with pictures. I'd bought it for myself to figure out continental, but I think she'll get more use from it. She was getting the hang of the pattern when they had to leave.

I have mentioned before I'm a great believer in beginning knitters choosing their own projects, and while I think she liked this project, I feel a bit bad that perhaps I pushed it at her. We talked about the kinds of things she'd like to make, and she said she wants to make large, long stoles and shawls. I cautioned her about starting a big project- because I wanted her to succeed and finish her first project, so we went scarf. And I hope she thinks it's stylish enough to wear. On the positive side, however, she had no qualms about pulling out the first 4 rows or so and starting it over when she got a bit lost in the pattern! She's a smart girl (she has a Ph.D. and a black belt in I forgot which martial art) and if she enjoys the knitting process, I'm sure she'll succeed and perhaps get into designing things herself. And the best part? She works in San Francisco right near Art Fibers! How lucky is that?

In two weeks, I'll see SIL and MIL, and we can see how the knitting is going. Two new knitters this year! One more woman in the family (Sweetie's sister) and then I can start in on the men!

*I bought another copy. I'm have no intention of violating copyright.

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Brenda said...

Congratulations on pulling another person into the knitting fold!

I am glad to have found your blog (through Beth's washing machine post). I started blogging last August, and I also live in California (near Sacramento).

You have some great knitting projects going! I look forward to seeing how they turn out.

Cute cat! I love cat photos, as I love cats, and we can't have one on our lease.