Friday, January 26, 2007

I won!

Beth asked advice on washing machines. I put in my 2 cents (have I ever not given advice, especially when it was asked?)

I won! Which just goes to show, no good deed goes unpunished.

The sweetie contends that acquiring sock yarn via a contest could be in violation of the Stash Bust-along. But I think it doesn't count - I didn't buy it, after all.

PS- Welcome to those of you who came over from Beth's blog. Make yourselves comfortable. Tea is on the stove.


Suzanne said...

Since winning yarn is, even if you entered every contest, not even close to a sure thing, I would say that you are not in violation. And if you are doing the Stash Bust-along to attune yourself to your old treasures, then all you have to do is bury the yarn until it achieves that status.

Lynn said...

Nope, have to say it's not in Violation of the Stash Bust-along in my humble opinion. ;) It was free for goodness sake's AND it's sock yarn. 2 bonus points right there.

Rachel said...

Yarn acquired any way other than personal purchase totally does not count. I recently violated my own rules about buying yarn but got around it by calling my mom after the fact to ask her if she'd be willing to give the the Cherry Tree Hill yarn I'd just bought as a birthday present. Fortunately she said yes, so I can consider myself still within my own rules.