Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Projects for 2007 / Projects in stash

Well, I started saying it was for 2007, but really it's in the future. One of the things I'm looking forward to in this blog is keeping track of the projects that I have the materials for, to keep me from being enticed into new purchases. I should also mention that I've just joined my first -along (well, except for the Knitting Olympics) in the Stash and UFO Bust-Along. This weekend I plan to organize my stash AND learn to use our camera! Stay tuned for photos of the stash and UFOs.

So here, off the top of my head, is a list of projects I have planned for the near future:
  • Finish the Pea Pod twins sweaters.
  • Red Scarf project scarf - I bought a big skein of superwash worsted on "Rudolph" from Jessie at A Piece of Vermont - and I told her this was what I was going to use it for, and she said she was happy to be participating vicariously, so I'd best get on it. I think the mailing deadline is January 31. I'm thinking of doing the Obstacles scarf pattern.
  • Handwarmers for me and the Sweetie - I plan to make Fetching for at least one pair. I bought Lorna's Laces Worsted in Denim for this. Our office is super cold year round.
  • Felted slippers - the same Fiber Trends pattern everyone else is using. I hope to finish these by April, because they are tentatively a gift.
  • Another baby sweater for another one in the womb, due in the summer. I might make another Pea Pod sweater, or another One Skein Baby Bolero, or something to be determined. Or (shockingly) I could finish one of the red baby sweaters in the UFO pile.
  • Socks for the Sweetie - When we were in Seattle for a wedding last year, I bought some Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Juniper (a mixed greens/browns colorway) at So Much Yarn..., and told him it would be for him. I think these will be my first toe-up socks. (Well, I tried to make Diamante, but they were way too big for his slim little feet.)
Projects I have in the stash:
  • Austrian Stitch Cardigan (scroll down about halfway; it's on the right) from Harrisville Designs. I bought the yarn and pattern when I was there last October, in a burgundy color. It was a nice memento of New Hampshire, but it will be a better one when I can wear it!
  • Yarn to make Lady Eleanor, from Scarf Style. I think I bought 12 skeins of Noro Silk Garden, in a greys/blues colorway.
  • Swallowtail scarf, from Interweave Knits. I won the laceweight alpaca in a contest. I plan to do a few more repeats.
  • Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl. I bought a skein of Real Vermonter sock yarn in an autumn colorway. This is going to be for me! I even swatched for it already.
  • A bunch of sock yarn. A hank of Shaefer Anne in a color similar to Clara Barton, which I bought in fear of running out for the Aran baby sweater. A skein of Greenwood Fiberworks cotton/lycra sock yarn which I bought on a whim after Grumperina raved about it. Also a couple of skeins of Jawoll Cotton Jaquard sock yarn in pinks I got in Illinois this summer, just hours before my husband's cousin's wedding. I also won a skein of STR in a pink and grey colorway and a skein of something else sproingy in a contest.
  • A hat kit. Probably should be de-stashed. At the time, I liked the design and bought the kit to get the pattern, but wasn't wild about the colors. Does it count if I bought it years ago? Everything else in this list was acquired during 2006.
  • Some Debbie Bliss cotton angora in pinks and purple, looking for a project. Bought in Pittsburgh while visiting a friend. The yarn was on sale when the shop was closing. For a while, I thought Tubey was the answer. But then I saw on Knitter's Review that it doesn't hold up well.


Rhonda said...

Your scarf for the Red Scarf Project is a pretty ambitious one! You better get cracking!! hehe, scarves can seem to take!

olga said...

OMG! You'll be on the island of never finish land with all those ufos! Congrats on the blog, this is leave a comment week so I decided that every blog I read I'd do just that! Good luck on the projects!

trek said...

Welcome to the blogosphere!

Margene said...

Welcome to Blogland. Looks like you have enough on the needles for a regular show and tell!